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Thread: BIC Track Day

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    BIC Track Day

    Next track day is on January 20th! Get your gear and be there... We're getting some people together there so should be a fun day out!

    If you've never been on a track in your bike, don't worry, they have instructors, safety gear and many other items there... If you don't get on the track now, then when will you??

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    I will absolutely be there. I might or might not participate though. We'll see

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    Day before i leave on holiday, bike on way early next week from Saudi......all events conspiring plan to be there.

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    Will attend, for sure.

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    I only ride on the street. But I might come to watch and meet you guys

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    Twisted you should give it a go. I Guarantee you'll love it.
    Don't have ride all out and crazy like some pro riders there. Run at your own pace and enjoy.

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    Just booked a morning session for tomorrow See you all there.

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    It was a pleasure to meet you Quarentine we need to go our for a ride sometime

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    Pleasure was all mine. See you around

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    Been there couple of times as vistor

    Really had fun to to see the rider riding n safe environment

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