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Thread: Tire shelf life how many years?

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    Tire shelf life how many years?

    Anyone have any idea how long is the tire shelf life from just sitting? I want to buy some Pilot Powers locally, but not sure if they are old or fine. I have heard that the rubber in the tire will harden up over time, not sure how long.

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    as long as they are stored properly I don't see why they should not last a few years, check on the side of the tire wall the production date

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    If they are stored properly (wrapped in plastic, on their side, in a dry place, away from heat) they should be good for years.
    But its anyone guess on an exact figure

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    I checked the tire date it is 1709

    09 I get made in 2009 but what is 17?

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    Week 17 of 2009. There are 52 weeks in a year, so week 17 would be May
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    Just as designo said May 09
    They're not what they call "fresh" but they should be fine.

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    Guys i found a nice video on tire wear

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    thanks for the video twisted
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