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Thread: Ordering parts!!!! from where?

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    Ordering parts!!!! from where?


    I need to order parts for suzuki bikes

    stuff like fairings (OEM), spare parts, accessories( sliders, levers , etc)

    Which would be the best site(s) to order from based on your previous purchase experience


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    Ebay has plenty of good deals and all kinds of parts but you also have to watch out for fakes
    Paypal account is fairy easy to setup if you have a credit card
    for OEM try bikebandit.com i did not try them but they seem to have all parts for jap bikes
    also try sporttrackgear.com

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    thanks ive been using ebay and paypal for a while

    but looking for some other trusted and well known sites

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    STG or Sports track gear is a good website to order from if you can find what you need cause their selection is limited.
    I've also used demon-tweeks and they are good too.

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    STG is great, used them a couple times before.

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    Performance Parts Ltd, in the UK.

    I actually picked up my stuff from their warehouse, very friendly and professional company!
    2010 Kawasaki ZX10R - SOLD

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