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Thread: Testing demo bikes

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    Testing demo bikes

    I am curious whether people here request test rides on bikes when they're seriously in the market for something in the near future, or do they just do it for fun to ride a bike and trash it a bit?

    I also know in Bahrain Ducati, Aprilia and Harley offer test rides. But do you guys know if any of the Japanese makes or BMW offer demo bikes?

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    I have never test ridden a motorcycle from a dealer full stop. I see a bike I like it I read about it do my homework and go pull the trigger.
    For the most part, I think people that want to test bikes are just looking for a joy ride and never serious about buying.

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    thats crazy
    what if you buy it and dont like it? i must test the bike or very similar bike from a friend if dealers don't do tests before I buy it.
    all wakals need to have test option
    2005 Kawasaki ZX6R

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    I stand by what I said. If you can't get a good idea of what the bike will be like based on the specs then sorry to say you don't know much about bikes.
    example by reading a dyno graph I can tell what kind of power delivery the bike is going to have. engine configuration and spec can say a lot about how the bike is going to sound and run. And just by sitting on it you can get a feel for how the riding position is.

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    Demo bikes exist for a reason, for people to test the bike and whether you are going to buy it is a completely different story. If the bike is good enough, the ride will convince you to buy it. But here those inexperienced riders looking for a days joy ride and crash dealer bikes that ruin it for the rest of us

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    You know if we had enough members proportionate to the number of bikers in Bahrain, I would start a poll of how many riders bought a bike without a test ride and were happy or unhappy with it. Point is I think most people buy bikes without a test and don't fuss about it.

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    i bought 2 bikes without test because the test was not available.
    if it was available surely I would test before I bought

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    Quote Originally Posted by TwistedThrottle View Post
    i bought 2 bikes without test because the test was not available.
    if it was available surely I would test before I bought
    the question is are you happy or not happy with your bikes?

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    Yes I am happy I read a lot about the bikes before I buy them. And now the internet and youtube makes it very easy to choose a bike

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    Test rides arent a bad thing, many people love the idea of having a sports bike, but some later realise that the bike is just not for them or they are just not cut out to ride them.
    So researching a bike will give you a good picture, but just not the whole picture.

    Mostly depends on the buyer knowing what he wants.

    These days everything makes so much power it doesnt matter what the hell you choose.
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