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Thread: KTM moto3 bike

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    KTM moto3 bike

    Ever since I saw the Moto3 machines debut when I went to the Losail Moto GP first round this year.
    I fell in love with those machines. Light, nimble, powerful, and they sounded like a dream.

    KTM is making my wish come true with a new Moto 3 250 production bike. Awesomeness!!! Untill I saw the 45000 Euro price tag NOOOOOOOOOO

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    I have a feeling they won't be selling many of this bike with that price tag

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    KTM is one type of famous austrian motorcycle, bicycle and moped manufacturer. This company motorcycle have been designed by Kiska Design. Here you share great image and information about ktm moto3bike. Its too good.

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    Sweet bike but damn the price

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