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Thread: Let's Talk Lids!

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    Let's Talk Lids!

    So, what helmet(s) do you have/use, and why did you choose that brand or model?
    2010 Hyosung GT650
    2014 Hyosung GT650R

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    I use
    X-lite 802
    Arai Corsair
    AGV K3
    and I would rate them in that order.

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    Shark Rsr2- This was an experiment and based solely on what I was told by forum mates, needed to try something out coz I hated the Arai, it fell within the budget because of a blowout sale.
    Wind noise is the most annoying thing with a helmet and the Shark is flippin silent. Everything else like air circulation and stuff is good too.

    Arai Corsair V-fit was good...air circulation was very good...wind noise is terrible!

    i'd rate them in that order ...

    If your looking for new helmets, i'd suggest you look at Nexx...brilliant stuff
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    yea the arai has no wind noise protection

    whats the deal with nexx? any good? i don't see them mentioned in the top helmet rating sites

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    Just got my first helmet, I got a Bell Vortex helmet, all the reviews say it's terrible when it comes to wind noise, but I just loved the graphics on it so I went with it!!

    Never heard about Nexx though, what's their deal?
    2010 Hyosung GT650
    2014 Hyosung GT650R

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