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Thread: 20th Anniversary Fireblade

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    20th Anniversary Fireblade

    A couple of reviews of the 2012 Honda Fireblade, enjoy:

    Rumors are that the 2013 blade will carry a V4 engine, would love to see how that changes things.
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    2014 Hyosung GT650R

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    from what I heard in 2014 Honda will make a V4 engine superbike but it will not replace the CBR, it will be a different line.

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    well they already make the VFR1200, which I'm guessing is a sport tourer, but with the rumors I've heard both that it will be the new CBR and it will be a different model, either way I'd be excited to see what they come up with if it was a super bike.
    2010 Hyosung GT650
    2014 Hyosung GT650R

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    I think the Honda V4 will be a replica of the Honda MotoGP bike
    just like Ducati did with the Desmocidici

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    its too early to tell. If I was in the market for a CPR I'd wait till the picture on the V4 engine is clear.
    It would really suck to buy a CBR now and then in less than a year Honda bring out a new fresh V4 engined bike

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    Well for one thing you have people that will like the new design and other that will prefer the current one, and also people who worry about reliability issues for a totally new engine, but I'm with you on waiting though.
    2010 Hyosung GT650
    2014 Hyosung GT650R

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    Quarantine you've been thinking about a CBR for a while now
    now you gonna wait longer?

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