The Classifieds section is a place for members to post items for sale by that member or for items they would like to buy.

The title of your thread should be labeled at the beginning with one of the following prefixes to identify to folks the intention of the post...
FS=For Sale
WTB=Want To Buy

Please note that this section is Not For Commercial Sales or SPAM sale threads.These threads will be deleted immediately.

1) No links to your sale please.
2) Please be as detailed as possible. Pictures help sell with all kinds of merchandise.
4) Make sure you LIST A PRICE for every item. No "Feeler" ads.
5) This section is for motorcycle, or motorcycle related items only: Bikes, bike parts, riding gear, etc.
6) Please make sure your list all the necessary information (i.e., email address, phone number and name) to allow a buyers to contact you.
8) When an item is sold, please post a message to that fact so we can remove the ad.
9) If you have lots of stuff to sell, please put it in ONE posting. Don't hog the page.
10) Please don't spam the board - post your ad ONCE and bump it reasonably.

If not enough information is provided, you will be asked to re-submit or edit your post with the changes requested.
Violator's posts and multiple posts of the same ad will be deleted.

Wanted To Buy ads:
When the item you are seeking is attained or you've changed your mind, please post up saying so the thread can be removed.